Community Shares of Illinois

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Community Shares of Illinois

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Starts with Community Shares logo on screen. Narration begins over pictures. Community Shares of Illinois is a network of nonprofit organizations created to connect, fund, and raise awareness for community groups that focus on long-term solutions to social problems in Illinois. Photo of a teacher and student. Narrator says our member organizations provide education. Photo of a woman giving a presentation about health care. Narrator says promote health care. Photo of a large group of families at the state capitol. Narrator says empower women and children. Photo of a person holding a dog. Narrator says shelter animals. Photo of people framing walls of a new home. Narrator says advance home ownership. Photo of three people holding signs at a demonstration. Narrator says advocate for individual rights. Photo of a young boy holding a sign. Narrator says and work to end discrimination and violence. Community Shares logo appears on the screen. Narrator says donate today to help create change in your community. CFC code 46760.