Creating a World Without Hunger and Poverty

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Heifer International

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[music plays]
[Women in rural settings sit or stand looking at camera.]
Narrator: The only way to create a world without hunger and poverty…
[Woman in a wide-brimmed hat smiles, holding a bird in two hand.]
Narrator: to support those who are hungry to create their own success.
[Woman drives a group of long-eared goats down a dirt road.]
Narrator: When you support Heifer International, you don't just give someone...
[Quick scenes of chickens, goats, and cows followed by scenes of women and young men drawing plans at a table, counting currency, weighing goods, and feeding animals.]
Narrator: ...a chicken, a goat, or a cow, you give birth to someone's business. You promote
women into positions of leadership and you create opportunities where there were none before.
[Woman carries bundle of plant material toward an animal pen.]
You can end hunger and poverty worldwide by investing in a new breed of success.
[Women, many carrying young children, walk down a dirt road towards the camera as words appear: “A New Breed of Success.”]
[Heifer International logo appears on a black background. Text appears: Learn more at]