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Deaf Children's Literacy Project

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[Video of female adult and boy playing a game in house setting]

0:02 - We are the National Cued Speech Association

[Video of female adult cueing to young boy on an outdoor swinging bench]

0:04 - Our mission is to promote literacy

[Video of female adult wearing eye glasses eye to eye level with young girl with cochlear implant outdoors]

0:07 - for deaf and hard of hearing children.

[Video of three female teenagers around a round table practicing cueing]

0:08 - Help us support programming

[Video of adult male cueing to young boy]

0:10 - for families and professionals.

[Video of adult female cueing a sentence]

0:12 - We offer free workshops,

[Video of iBook demonstration]

0:14 - free iBook downloads,

[Video of adult female cueing to young campers coloring artwork]

0:16 - and provide support to family camps.

[Video of mother cueing to young daughter]

0:18 - Your donation will allow us to expand our resources

0:21 - and cue it forward.


[Video of young girl and mother fading to young boy reading a book on a swing with DCLP logo]

[NCSA logo with URL]