Dignity, Empowerment & Hope

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AAGW (Association of Albanian Girls & Women)

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1.At AAGW, no girl or woman needing assistance is ever turned away. [our logo and image of a woman's head followed by images of women chained and trafficked, then getting a helping hand] [sound of wind blowing]
2.At AAGW, each survivor is a beacon of hope. [image of a woman walking through field] [calm music playing for remainder of video]
3. Surviving means strength. [photo of woman putting on an iron hat]
4. Surviving means dignity [photo of woman holding a sign that says, "Respect Yourself."]
5. Surviving means supporting each other. [image of women holding hands together]
6. Surviving means empowerment. [image of a woman standing strongly with her right hand upright]
7. Surviving means opportunities. [image of the hands of a woman making handicrafts]
8. Surviving means hope. [photo of two survivors arms on the ground next to leaves that are arranged to spell out the word "hope"]
9. We believe in a world without trafficking, exploitation, or discrimination … [image of many people walking around in the world]
10. AAGW: one survivor at a time. [images of a rose, a floating leaf, women holding hands, and our members jumping]