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Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

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Code #11322
The DAV Charitable Service Trust is here to empower and assist those who served our nation and were forever changes as a result.

By supporting key rehabilitative programs and initiatives, we ensure veterans and their families don’t fall through the cracks.

The Trust supports a wide variety of programs that support the well-being of veterans.

Recreational Therapy & Rehabilitation, Food & Shelter & Benefits Assistance, Education & Career Assistance

The Trust helps the DAV Transportation Network in providing rides for veterans to/from VA medical centers.

Annually this service provides more than 615,000 rides to veterans, at no cost.

More than 95 cents of every dollar donated directly supports programs for veterans and their families.

The Trust continues to earn a 4-star charity rating from Charity Navigator.
Charity Navigator - 4 star charity
You can donate to the Trust through the CFC, using code number #11322.

For more information, visit CST.DAV.org