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Elevations: A Children's Therapy Resource Foundation

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Elevations Title Page
[Mary Anne] Elevations was founded because too many children with special needs who could be helped by therapy were falling through the cracks. (Bubbles cross screen. Parker and mom blowing bubbles)

[Brian] We are an intervention, essentially,
a financial intervention so that families can actually get all the therapeutic services they need for their children. (Elevations office and board members in meeting. Brian speaking)
(Scene of Parker’s home)

[Mary Anne] These therapies cost a lot of money. Insurance doesn't cover a lot of things so the family has to decide, okay, do I get my child what they need or do I put food on the table? And so we just found that unacceptable and we needed to make a change. (Mom and Parker at home and leaving for therapy appointment) (Mary Anne speaking) (Parker and brother at therapy appointment)

[Mary Anne] We are 100% community funded. We are the communities hands. It's people that care that come together and make a difference and then we just get to distribute it. (Grant committee award meeting) (Bubbles with Parker and Mom at home)

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Every gift, large or small, makes a difference!
Thank you for supporting children with special needs.
We love federal employees!