The Everyone a Changemaker Movement Narrated by a Young Changemaker

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[music plays]
Female narrator speaking over graphics that illustrate the following on-screen text:
The status quo is no longer enough.
It presents a new inequality: those with the skills to thrive and those without.
What matters is how we evolve and create change.
Technology may drive the How but Changemakers drive the Why.
Let’s transform how we learn, work and live together in a dynamic team of teams.
Empathy [for the good of all]
Teamwork [fluid and open]
New leadership [where all lead]
And changemaking [transforming your world however small or big]
We can all grow up knowing we are Changemakers
So we can create a more equitable, happy, and healthy world.
Where everyone is powerful, has the skills to solve problems, enables others to lead and thrive.
Let’s lead the Everyone a Changemaker Movement together!
[music ends]