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Felidae Conservation Fund

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0:00-0:03: Felidae Conservation Fund Logo
0:03-0:06: Bay Area Puma Project Logo
0:06-0:08:23: Music starts. Webcam footage of mountain lion walking Daly City street.
0:08:23-0:14:04: News footage of sub-adult mountain lion near Oracle Park in San Francisco before capture. Caption: Bay Area Mountain Lions
0:14:04-0:19:13: Trail cam footage of mountain lion walking towards camera. Additional caption: Are now more important than ever
0:19:14-0:22:02: Video of mountain lion cub in burlap sack. Previous caption remains.
0:22:02-0:24:22: Outdoor clip of man’s back talking to a group; his shirt has a dictionary definition of “felidae” on it. Caption: Felidae Conservation Fund works to ensure they have a future
0:24:22-0:27:12: Indoor clip of Felidae founder Zara McDonald speaking before an audience. Previous caption remains.
0:27:12-0:30:02: Outdoor clip of group of people conversing. Caption: Join Felidae’s community initiatives today
0:30:02-0:32:24: Outdoor clip of pickup truck door with Bay Area Pump Project logo on it. Caption: Help us collect data from around the bay area
0:32:24-0:34:19: Webcam clip of mountain lion walking through parking lot. Caption: Submit your sightings
0:34:19-0:38:03: Webcam clip of mountain lion walking by a home. Additional caption: and your security camera footage
0:38:03-0:44:29: Outdoor clip of mountain lion resting in a tree hammock at Oakland Zoo. First Caption: Volunteer or Become a Citizen Scientist. Second Caption: To our sightings map at www.bapp.org/puma-sighting-map
0:44:29-0:59:00: Still image of a collage of logos: Felidae Conservation Fund, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), America’s Best Charities (ABC), and America’s Best Local Charities. First Caption: Thank you CFC! Your gifts make our work possible. Second Caption: CFC Code: 57408. Third Caption: Felidaefund.org. Music fades out.