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Fisher House Foundation Inc.

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Throughout the video, the logo with the text "FISHER HOUSE helping families in need"
and below the logo is displayed in the lower left corner of the video screen. this displays during the entire video, until the end when it is displayed in the middle of the video page.

Fisher Houses are comfort homes near military and VA hospitals, where families stay free of charge while their loved one receives medical care.
(Voice of a woman talking) Staying at a hotel is not the same thing as staying out of the Fisher House.
(man's voice speaking) Just having that assurance that no matter what, as long as we were there for Anson, that someone would be there for us. It took so much weight off our shoulders.
(Narrator) Military and veteran families need Fisher Houses now more than ever.
-LOGO moves to the center of the screen - text on logo FISHER HOUSE Helping Military Families.
Military and veteran families need your help. Give Today.
Give today, at fisher house dot org