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Description: 60-second video “action” trailer containing a Ted Talk speech from Food & Water Justice Co-Director Michele Merkel, as well as a People’s State of the Union speech from FWW Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. Both speeches embody the vision of FWW, and a compilation of footage from past rallies and events are overlaid to complement this audio.

Background music plays throughout the video, entitled “Fresh Start” (Purchased Music).

Audio Transcript:

Michele Merkel – Co-Director: Climate & Energy Policy; Food & Water Justice

Wenonah Hauter – Executive Director




MICHELE MERKEL: Whether it’s hunger, junk food marketing to kids, [or] antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it doesn’t matter. They all stem from an imbalance of power between corporate interests and people.

To change this imbalance, we need to do the long-term and difficult work of building political power to make meaningful changes in people’s lives.

Choose democracy and choose action. We invite you to this fight, to reclaim our food system and to make government work for the people.

WENONAH HAUTER: We must work towards a bold vision, one rooted in justice and equity.

[00:45] A society where all people have clean water, healthy food, a good union job and a livable climate.