Food Bank of the Rockies CFC Video 2021

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Food Bank of the Rockies

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Erin Pulling, President & CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies:

The Combined Federal Campaign has made a huge difference for people facing hunger across Colorado.

At Food Bank of the Rockies, we look forward to a day when every person has adequate access to nutritious food.

But until then, Food Bank of the Rockies is going to be here, stepping up to serve people in our community and doubling down, growing like we have never grown before.

With programs like our Food for Kids program, Mobile Pantries, EverGreen food boxes for older adults, and our Culturally Responsive Food Initiative.

We are so grateful for you, our Federal Employees, and the Combined Federal Campaign for helping to make Food Bank of the Rockies’ work possible.

Thank you for your hard work, your dedication, and your support.

You’re giving us the power to continue to step up with perseverance and hope.