Food for today. Change for tomorrow.

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The Food Group (Minnesota)

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CFC Number

Title slide: The Food Group mission: fighting hunger and nourishing our community.
Action: Sophia is standing in the warehouse. Volunteers are packing food behind her. As she talks you see photos of food shelf visitors and volunteers. You also see an overhead picture of our farm.

Transcript: I’m Sophia Lenarz-Coy, Executive Director here at The Food Group in Minnesota.
You can see volunteers are busy packing food behind me.
Here at The Food Group, we are fighting hunger by
• partnering with over 250 food shelves and meal programs to distribute local, healthy, culturally connected foods.
• We have affordable grocery programs and
• We also have a land-based education program for immigrant and refugee farmers.
Individuals like you have been so generous in stepping up during the historically high need that continues as a result of the pandemic.
We so appreciate your commitment to public service as federal employees, and we hope you will continue to partner with us to fight hunger and nourish our community.