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Friends of Night People

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1. Friends of Night People Building Exterior.
2. Executive Director sitting in clothing closet room
3. Woman sitting in a brightly lit hallway reading while doing her laundry.
4. Two women organize food donations in the pantry.
5. Back to E.D. in the clothing closet.
6. Woman stocking shelves.
7. A volunteer helping to prepare salads for meals in the kitchen.
8. Dining room
9. Medical exam room
10. Optometry exam room
11. A woman picking out glasses
12. Volunteers organizing the clothing closet.
13. Joe the director
14. FONP Logo and contact information

My name is Joseph Heary and I am the Executive Director of Friends of Night People in Buffalo, NY.Friends of Night People is located in Allentown where we produce all of the food to support our six community kitchens, as well as Friends of Night People’s dining room. Friends of Night People has a Medical Clinic, optometry and podiatry clinics available to those experiencing homelessness. We have laundry rooms and a clothing room. Please visit our website at or you can contact me directly at 716-884-5375 ext 200.