Get to Know Us and Our Impact to Improve Global Health as a Leading Nonprofit

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[piano music plays]
Male narrator speaks:
Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by
Images: an Americares clinic and patients living in poverty or disaster conditions
poverty or disaster, so they can achieve their full potential.
Images: Americares staff and footage of clinics
Americares invests in local health centers. When local health centers
Images: Americares staff walking, footage of supplies delivered
thrive, so do people in their communities, with better health, more
Images: patients receiving care and education
opportunities and increasingly productive lives.
Images: a woman kissing a baby, a woman smiling
Americares programs help communities
Images: a supply warehouse,
prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters;
Images: Americares staff receiving training,
increase access to critical medicine and medical supplies; improve and
Images: Americares staff delivering supplies, providing care
expand clinical services;
Images: Americares staff delivering supplies, providing care
prevent disease and promote good health in vulnerable communities.
Images: Americares staff teaching handwashing
More than 98% of our resources support health programs.
Images: pie chart showing 98%
Ten dollars donated can provide 200 dollars in aid.
Images: graphic of dollar bills equaling health equipment and services
Americares. Health is on the way.
Images: white screen with the Americares logo and website
[music fades]