Gilda's Club Kansas City: free cancer education & support for all ages

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Gilda's Club Kansas City

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Gilda's Club Kansas City logo says: Gilda's Club Kansas City, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community. A global network of education and hope.
So that no one faces cancer alone
Photo of Gilda Rader: "Having cancer gave me a membership to an elite club I would rather not belong to." --Gilda Radner
Photo of a volunteer with cancer diagnosis information and text says Education
Photo of couple painting and the text says Healthy Lifestyle
Photo of four women posing for a photo and the text says Social Connection
Photo of a seated crowd of all ages, men, women and children looking at a speaker. Text says Group Support
Photo of women laying on yoga mats and text says yoga
Photo of two adults seated, each with another adult behind their head with open palms facing the seated person’s head. The text says Energy Healing
Adults in an outdoor park standing on yoga mats, arms outstretched to their sides. Text says Gentle Exercise
Photo of many people walking through a resource fair in an outdoor setting under a large tent. The tables show information from various organizations. The text says Resource and Referral
There is a photo of a mother with three daughters. The text says Support for the Whole Family
There is a photo of the red front door at Gilda’s Club Kansas City and planters with overflowing flowers and ferns. The building’s awning says Gilda’s Club Kansas City. The text on the screen says Free cancer support program
Photo of an adult leader and several kids standing in a circle using yarn to make a web. The text says Kid Support.
Photo of five women holding tiny, colorful art bottles. The text says Art Workshops.
Plain red screen with white letters says Gilda’s Club Kansas City CFC #16945.
Final slide has white capital letters SP in a black square block. The text says Created with Adobe Spark (a computer program used to make this video)