Girls on the Run-DC Is More Than a Running Program.

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Girls on the Run-DC

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Girl 1: My name is Gizelle and I’m a Girl on the Run.

Girl 2: My name is Sandy and I’m a Girl on the Run.

Girl 3: My name is Arielle and I’m a Girl on the Run.

Narrator: How do you measure the potential of girls like Gizelle, Sandy, and Arielle? Do you find a yardstick and mark their progress? How do you measure something as immeasurable as a girl’s potential? You don’t. At Girls on the Run-DC, we are more than a running program. We’re on a mission to make sure all girls in our city understand how limitless their potential is. From handling the stresses of COVID-19 to reframing negative thoughts, our unique lessons help girls develop life skills and strategies that they can use in all areas of their lives.

Narrator: We can’t measure Sandy’s potential, but we can measure the impact of our program. Because of GOTR-DC, 97% of girls said they learned critical life skills that stuck with them for years to come.

Narrator: Our girls have a mission for you, our city’s federal employees. Listen up!

Girl 5 + 6: Donate today to give more girls Girls on the Run!