Good finds a way

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Children International

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[soft music plays]
Videos: people standing
A female narrator speaks over changing video clips:
When it feels like the world has stopped,
Videos: people standing, wearing masks – image fades to black
good finds a way.
Videos: children international swings on screen, a man with his children are smiling
Good is happening,
Videos: a worker is stocking supplies
even now.
Videos: a worker is stocking supplies
Good connects us, even when we can't get close.
Videos: children studying, smiling, health workers taking temperatures
Good never stops
Videos: children smiling,
and neither does Children International.
Videos: children in masks outside a Children International facility
With support from caring friends,
Videos: children learning at school,
we help provide children and families with the critical
Video: a girl smiling, a family smiling
essentials they need.
Videos: a girl being measured at the doctor’s, a boy smiling, a boy washing his hands with a mask on
Essentials like food assistance, hygiene education, medical help and
Videos: a girl eating, a child learning to wash hands, a patient receiving care,
financial support.
Video: a girl smiling
To learn more, go to today.
Images: screen fades to white reading: To learn more, got to: with the Children International logo
we can help end poverty for good.