The Healthy Baby Resource

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Birth Defect Research for Children

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1) You just got the good news (smiling couple)

2) You're having a baby (mom with baby bump and thought bubbles with pictures of happy playing boys and girls)

3) You want to know all you can about having a healthy baby (mother with ?'s)

4) That's why Birth Defect Research for Children has a special place on our web site called the Healthy Baby Resource (picture of resource page)

5) Here you can learn all about what you can do to have a healthier baby (happy, healthy baby)

6) We will answer your questions about ( many different colored ?'s)

7) Genetics (DNA pix)

8) Vitamins and Nutrition (nutrition pix)

9) Exercise and hobbies (exercise pix and hobby pix)

10) The effects of smoking (pix cigarette)

11) Drinking (glasses and wine)

12) And recreational drug use (pix drugs)

13) As well as important things you should know about what may be in products you use every day (not sure)

14) For personal care (lipstick and nail polish)

15) In your home and garden (home cleaners/garden sprays)

16) And on your pets (dog and cat)

17) As well as medications and radiation (pill bottle and radiation symbol)

18) And possible toxic exposures in your workplace (not sure of pix)

19) Or community (polluted community)

20) The more you know the better for baby. (mother at computer)

21) BDRC wants to help you give your baby the best start in life. Logo with web site.

22) American Legion trailer