A Heartfelt Thank You

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Prison Fellowship International

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(music plays, woman singing in background]
[Video of a young girl, Shalem Sanchez Cardona, speaking to the camera in her home. The Prison Fellowship International logo appears on the screen, and Shalem’s translations appear below]
Hello my name is Shalem Sanchez Cardona and I belong to a group of girls and boys of the Colombian Prison Fellowship. Today I want to thank you, because you have given us your help. [thank you appears on screen over Shalem] For each supplement (food) for each donation before and during this pandemic. Thanks for blessing us. I ask and bless this program so that God will never, never allow this program to cease to exist to help more families like mine. Thank you! Colombian Prison Fellowship, my family and I are very grateful and bless you.
[On screen text: Con el apoyo de: With the support of: Prison Fellowship International, Programa HIJOS de PRISIONEROS, and Ankar Stifelsen.]