Hello Hello! We Are Alight!

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CFC Zone

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(man singing)
(cheering and upbeat drumming)
[on screen text, appearing over pictures of faces with bright line drawings moving across the photos as they change] [man’s face] We believe [woman standing] people are sacred [woman smiling] and deserve efforts worthy of their gifts.
[woman sitting] [woman smiling] [family smiling]
[woman smiling] We believe [woman standing in a field] in doing a better thing. [woman talking to child] [child staring] [young person biking] [woman looking up] When we see the impossible [woman writing] we do the doable. [woman looking up] And when faced with scarcity, [woman smiling] we unleash abundance. [young woman laughing] [children laughing] [two men talking] [young women talking] [mother and daughter standing] [woman laughing] [woman and man talking] [two women laughing] [old man staring] [child looking up] [running team jumping in the air]
[Alight logo appears] [group of people standing]
(man’s voice: Who are we?)
(group voices shout: Alight!)
(man’s voice: And we are?)
(group voices shout: Alright!)