Help child abuse victims have a bright and beautiful future

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Maliha Imami, ChildSafe's Chief Advancement Officer, says "Child abuse is an issue we cannot ignore. Bexar County continues to have the highest rate of confirmed child abuse cases among major Texas cities. Since 1992, ChildSafe has been a safe haven, offering a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach and continuum of care centered to children who are victims of neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and exploitation. ChildSafe serves 6,000 clients per year and trains an additional 16,000 people on how to recognize, respond, and report child abuse. All children have the right to grow up free from abuse. As committed and dedicated as we are, we cannot do this alone. We need a caring community around us. Your support ensures that every child that walks through our doors receives the services they need to change their life's story . . . to have a bright and beautiful future."