Help Palestine refugees in Gaza get back on their feet

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[instrumental music plays]
Clips: Footage of demolished buildings and streets
Text: Gaza is in crisis
Clips: destroyed buildings and rubble
Text: Buildings have been destroyed, livelihoods ruined.
Clips: destroyed buildings, an infant in a hospital, people on the move
Text: Lives have been lost, families torn apart.
Clips: community housing, people talking, accessing water, children, more community housing,
Text: UNWRA is providing shelter, food, healthcare and psychosocial support.
Clips: children smiling and playing soccer, a woman watching children play, children clapping, families carrying supplies
Text: But recovery is a long road.
Clips: children playing in a school and a teacher working with them on projects
[sound of children talking]
Clips: people walking into an UNWRA hospital and receiving medical support, UNWRA staff cleaning up streets,
Text: You can help Palestine refugees in Gaza get back on their feet.
Clips: families carrying UNWRA supplies, driving with supplies
Clips: Children carrying balloons past rubble, drone footage of a city
Text: Donate today
[music fades]