Helping Families Heal -- Fisher House in St Louis

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Friends of Fisher House St. Louis (Fisher House in St. Louis)

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Description for “Fisher House in St Louis - My Story”
>> COL Ben Mitchell, U.S. Army (Ret.) is shown talking to the camera
The process of healing and recovering from an injury is a pretty difficult one. Having your family around while you are recovering is significant to the healing process
At 0:10 >> Griselle Mitchell, his wife, is shown talking to the camera
Fisher House is home away from home
At 0:13 the whole family of Colonel Mitchell, Mrs. Mitchell, a little girl about aged 5 and a little boy about age 4, is seated at a couch, playing games on the coffee table.
You’ll make a new family
At 0:15 close up photo of Mrs. Mitchell
Your gifts strengthen each other
At 0:16 close up photo of Colonel Mitchell, then back to Mrs. Mitchell
And you are never alone
At 0:22 close up photo of their son with Mrs. Mitchell
This is the hardest time in your life. And you shouldn’t be alone!
>> COL Mitchell
At 0:23 close up photo of Colonel Mitchell, then close up photo of Colonel Mitchell with their daughter
I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were not afforded an opportunity to
At 0:29 the whole family at the coffee table, with the father watching his daughter coloring, and the son playing a game with his mother.
heal and grow in a Fisher House
At 0:33 A photo of a basic Fisher House, a two-story brick house with four classic white columns at the entrance
>> Announcer: The Fisher House provides a network of comfort homes
At 0:35 Inside a Fisher House, with another mom tying the shoe of her young daughter while they are sitting on a comfy bed with lots of pillows.
At 0:36 a close up of that daughter and she is smiling
Where military and Veterans’ families
At 0:35 Inside a Fisher House, with older couple sitting on textured beige couches. They are facing each other, holding reading material, and smiling. There is a lovely white flower arrangement in the foreground.
can stay at no cost
At 0:39 That same couple, with two other women in the kitchen. The women are preparing salad. There are sandwiches and fruit on the counter.
while their loved ones receive treatment
At 0:41 A close up of the face of an Army Veteran; an older white man.
For those who have served,
At 0:43 A close up of a Black man with short grey hair.
that can make
At 0:45 A close up of the face a 30-year old white man.
all the difference in the world.
Image: Fisher House in St. Louis logo… because a family’s love is good medicine
The Fisher House supports the men and women who have given up so much to serve their country. In their time of greatest need
Image: the Fisher House in St. Louis, a large brick home on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, at Jefferson Barracks.
Print at top of screen: Fisher House in St. Louis CFC#42804
Print at bottom of screen: Helping Veterans…because a family’s love is good medicine
By making it possible to have their loved ones close by to support them when they need it most