A Hero's Best Friend

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Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors (aka Mercy Medical Angels)

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Video Transcript – Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors CFC# 11844

Image: Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors logo- CFC # 11844. Text: None

Image: Panning shot of American Flag, above a mountain landscape. Text: Sometimes, even heroes need help.

Image: Silhouette of service member and German Shepherd crouching in doorway, facing each other and “holding hands.” Text: None

Image: Blue sky background; a male service member wearing camo is holding a brown and white bulldog. The solider is facing away from the camera, while the dog is facing towards it. Text: None

Image: American Flag higher in the sky at sunset. Text: Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors helps Veterans...

Image: A male Veteran with an orange swim camp in a pool, looking up at a yellow dog in a red-and-black service vest. The dog is looking downwards, towards the Veteran. Text: None

Image: A male Veteran wearing a white tee shirt, gray shorts, and black sneakers; he is squatting on a forest path and smiling. He is hugging a lean brown and white dog with a fluffy tail; the dog is standing up on two legs and has a friendly expression. Text: None

Image: American flag at sunset, sun is lower. Text: ...by providing transportation so they can receive a service dog.

Image: A gray, brown, and black dog with floppy ears sitting. The dog is wearing a black-and-white service dog vest and a gray collar. Text: None

Image: Close up shot of a yellow dog with brown eyes, very close to the camera. The background is turquoise, and out of focus. Text: None

Image: American flag, above mountain landscape. The camera moves up until it is in the sky. Text: Please give generously.

Image: Angel Canines and Wounded Warriors logo CFC # 11844. Text: None