Homestead Farming Empowers Women

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Helen Keller International

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(music plays)
[on screen text: Empowering women is essential to breaking cycles of malnutrition and poverty.
[image of women gathered in a circle]
[on screen text: Salma was 18 when she joined our homestead farming program in Bangladesh. [image of Salma, a young woman seated in a garden]
[on screen text: She now uses her technical skills to provide nutritious food - and extra income - for her family.
[image of Salma and her parents in their garden]
[on screen text: Salma also teaches the latest horticultural techniques to older women in her village.]
[image of older Bangladeshi woman in garden]
[on screen text: Local custom requires that women be accompanied in public, so Salma’s father helps sell her produce at market.
[image of Salma and her father selling produce]
[on screen text: Salma has earned enough to buy a cow and is saving to put herself through school to become a tailor.
[image of bright green produce]
[on screen text: thank you for supporting Salma - and thousands of women like her around the world.
[image of Salma in her garden reappears]
[Helen Keller International logo appears]