Hope is Essential

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Make-A-Wish Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

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Video begins with blue text caption reading "in a time of fear and isolation...we are here" on a white screen. Music plays along with the sounds of an ambulance. Text fades, and ambulance sound is revealed to be a community parade, including police officers, for a wish child who is shown smiling and wiping tears of joy off her face. A neighbor is seen holding a bright pink sign that reads "we love you Cassie." Then the wish child who was crying earlier in the video is seen standing in her new travel trailer that the parade revealed to her. Then, the white screen with blue text reappears reading "Together we bring hope to children fighting critical illness." Following that text, a collage of videos of people recording messages of hope for wish kids appears. The screen then fades back to the white background and blue text appears, reading "Now more than ever, hope is essential." Then the video cuts to a child sitting at a table reading a letter aloud, saying, "your wish to have a gaming computer was granted." After the child reads this he looks up enthusiastically at the camera and begins to cry happy tears. The video then cuts to another child seeing her wish come true. She walks out of her home to see balloons and squeals in delight. Then the video shows a child dancing in a Make-A-Wish Georgia t-shirt. White screen reappears with blue text saying "hope needs you" and video ends.