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HUGS (Help, Understanding & Group Support)

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[HUGS Mom Talking]
We're a HUGS Family.

And this is Adrianna.

Adriana was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

In March of 2021, Adriana suffered two cardiac arrests.

At just ten months old, she was airlifted

to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, where

her medical team tried for months different surgeries

and medications to help with her malignant arrhythmias

that were due to her cardiomyopathy.

And on September 9, she

underwent a successful heart transplant.

Since joining HUGS, HUGS have supported

us in so many ways.

They have always been so friendly

and pleasant to speak with.

They check in on us often and are always

open to help out or just to talk.

They have provided airfare assistance so that Alexander and their

dad could fly out to visit Adriana and I in

California while we were there for almost ten months.