Impact the Quality of Your Life with The Warrior Alliance

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The Warrior Alliance

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*Jorge Ramirez sits down in chair*
*Screen turns grey and displays text "Impact on Quality of Life"*
Man says, "The Warrior Alliance impacted my quality of life by providing me with direction, purpose and motivation and a constant friend to call if I needed anything.

*Lower 1/3 Appears and says " Jorge Ramirez, U.S. Army"*

"It's like having a big brother emails, phone calls, "Hey, what's going on?" "How's life? Do you know this program was available to you?" "No, I didn't." They're always there with new ideas and anything that's new they always - you know integrate the veterans in the community.
My biggest goal right now is to continue on and never give up."

*Screen goes grey and displays "continue on and never give up"*

" Find that extra mile in anything that I'm doing. The Warrior Alliance is helping me do that. You know, we keep on going no matter what until the mission gets done and the mission gets done is when we're happy and our life is going on."

*Screen turns gray. The Warrior Alliance logo and appears.*