Juliette: From Shy to Savvy

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Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA

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Watch Juliette's transition from shy and scared to sweet and savvy! She is one of the thousands of animals PHS/SPCA helps every year.

0:01 Photo of dog, Juliette
"Meet Juliette"
0:08 Juliette with an Animal Rescue and Control officer on the hill she was found.
“Animal Rescue staff responded to a call about a terrified dog on a hillside”

0:13 Juliette with a behavior staff member. Juliette is very scared of walking on a leash, with her tail tucked.
“Shelter staff quickly realized that this scared but gentle dog would need plenty of guidance and encouragement”

0:18 Juliette in the play yard with staff, smiling and more relaxed.

0:24 Juliette in the play yard with a volunteer, getting attention
“After weeks of patient work and care from staff and volunteers Juliette’s personality blossomed”

0:29 Juliette in her kennel wagging and excited as a volunteer puts her harness and leash on her

0:31 Juliette walking happily on leash

0:39 Photo of Juliette on adoption day with her new owner and a post-adoption update photo of Juliette smiling.
“Juliette was adopted after spending 47 days in our care”

0:46 Collage of adopted animals
“She is just one of the thousands of animals PHS/SPCA helps each year”

0:50 PHS/SPCA logo and information
Primary cause: Animal related
Charity type: Local