Just Girls in Bangladesh

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World Renew

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[music plays]
[Views of city skyline with logo appearing over, World Renew, Bangladesh.]
Narrator: There are some who see us as just girls.
[People moving through crowded street.]
Narrator: Just.
[Boat full of harvested greens moving across river.]
[Young woman hanging up linens on a clothesline in the alleway.]
Narrator: But you know what isn't just? Being forced to drop out of school to get married.
[Woman places infant into a scale, another woman reads weight.]
Narrator: Birthing a baby without proper medical care.
[Three girls in uniform walk along a street holding hands.]
[Young women sit together in a bedroom talking.]
Narrator: Living in a region where 90% of your friends can't read.
[Woman cooks over a fire with clay dishware.]
Narrator: There are lots of girls like us who lack nutritious food, opportunity…
[View of food in a market stall.]
Narrator: ...and safety in their homes.
[View looking out from a porch with bars preventing entry.]
Narrator: But together…
[Women gathered in a forested setting on blanket. One is talking and pointing to a poster tied between two trees.]
Narrator: ...we're learning we get to change that story.
[Women and girls in various settings smiling at the camera.]
Because we are just girls.
[Fade to black with white text: Learn and give to what Just Girls can do at worldrenew.net/4justgirls]