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displayed throughout the video to the rt. bottom of the page is: CFC#82850
TEXT over multiple photos with kids:
The COVID-19 Pandemic is changing lives in simple and in dramatic ways.
Since March 2020 we have seen the cost of care more than triple due to physical distancing, smaller group sizes, the cost of PPE and extra cleaning and sanitizing of everything.
Nationally 40% of childcare centers are closed due to COVID-19.
20% of childcare centers in Washington State are temporarily or permanently closed.
IN all honesty, we do not know how long the COVID-19 pandemic will impact all of our lives but there are indications it could be another year or longer.
What we do know, with absolute certainty, is that Kids Co. will continue to serve our community by providing licensed high quality childcare.
Help Kids Co. keep our doors open for the kids and families who need it most.
Please donate as generously as you can.
Thank you.