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Local Animal Charities of America

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Thank You CFC Video for Local Animal Charities of America

Instrumental music playing with photos and graphics appearing:

0:01 Graphic opens with LACA logo – Serving America’s BEST local animal charities
0:06 Photo of dogs at play – You love animals and want to donate to the charities that help them
0:10 Photo of a Great Blue Heron – Now, you can help animal charities working in your community
0:15 Photo of rescue rabbits – LACA support local groups who work to save the lives of our furry friends…
0:19 Photo of a rescue cat - …who have been lost, abused, or abandoned. Your donation saves lives!
0:20 Photo of rescued parrots – LACA Member Charities do it all!

0:28 Slide – Photo of dog rescue – …no-kill shelters

0:31 Photo of a child holding a cat - …pet spay/neuter
0:35 Photo of two therapy dogs - …assistance and therapy dog training
0:38 Photo of chimpanzees - …wildlife conservation and education
0:43 Photo of a baby big cat rescue being fed - …wildlife rehabilitation
0:46 Photo of horses running - …equestrian rescue
0:50 Photo of sheep - …and much more!

0:56 Graphic of LACA Logo – Caption Reads – Local Animal Charities of America – GIVE NOW – SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL ANIMAL CHARITIES

Music Ends and Final Graphic

Local Animal Charities of America – CFC Number: 61609