Make-A-Wish - When Stars Aligh

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Make-A-Wish Foundation of Missouri & Kansas

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00:00 – 00:16 <<Music>> Make-A-Wish logo
00:17 What would you give for a child you loved,
00:20 To make their wish come true?
00:23 To help them fight a critical illness,
00:26 Just imagine what you’d do.
00:29 You see, wishes are so powerful, and you can make them real.
00:33 They can give a child back their childhood,
00:36 Even change the way they feel.
00:39 Every single one of us can make the stars align,
00:43 Because when we come together, hope & joy will shine.
00:45 – 00:59 <<Music>> Make-A-Wish. Wishes need stars like you. Join us at