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Matthew 25: Ministries | FEMA Partnership 2020 Video Script

I went into a burns unit of a children’s hospital.
Hearing those children cry…
And seeing the poverty…
and knowing that we were just two hours away by airplane…
I said… you know…I want to do something.
I want to help these people. -Reverend Wendell Mettey Founder, Matthew:25 Ministries

My father did begin helping these people
By creating Matthew 25: Ministries
He started gathering supplies from companies and individuals
Products they didn’t need anymore, but were still perfectly usable
[More than 25 years later]
Tim Mettey, CEO Matthew:25 Ministries:
Today we’re still helping people in need,
but on a much larger scale.

In response to disasters such as wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes, Matthew 25: Ministries is there.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve distributed millions of pounds of PPE and other supplies to help keep frontline workers and our communities safe.
We will continue to help as long as there is need.

It's simple, we help people
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