Melwood CFC 2022

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Melwood Horticultural Training Center

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Young man looks up at the camera, voiceover says, “Across the U.S., people with disabilities are frequently”
Older man looks up at the camera, voiceover says, “forgotten, ignored, or disregarded.
Woman looks up at the camera, voiceover says, “Facing an unemployment rate twice that of people without disabilities,
Another person looking at the camera, voiceover says, “this community is often left out of conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion.
Melwood Logo gets bigger as it comes towards the camera, voiceover says, “At Melwood,”
Two people walking by a building is shown, voiceover says, “we imagine a world where people with disabilities”
A women smiles at the camera and works on the garden, man drives a tractor, voiceover says, “are fully included – and work to make it a reality.”
Person is looking at a machine, two people looking at a computer, voiceover says, “As a leading employer, advocate, and preferred service provider for people”
Man driving machinery, group of people working, man climbing a ladder, voiceover says, “with disabilities, our programs empower people with disabilities”
Two women looking at a computer, voiceover says, “to live, work, and thrive.”
Man turning towards camera with his computer in front of him, women teaching a class, children in a canoe, voiceover says, “From job training to summer camps to advocacy for inclusive disability”
Tow women walking outside, two people are looking off into the distance at a construction site, two people hugging in a greenhouse, voiceover says, “policy, Melwood is fighting for change right here in the DMV.”
People are at a construction site, person is writing at a construction site, child has a flower, voiceover says, “Join us in fighting for a more inclusive world where every person is valued.
Women looking at the camera, smiling, person on a swing outside, with these words on the screen, Support Melwood through this year’s CFC campaign by donating to CFC #21166, voiceover says, “Support Melwood through this year’s CFC campaign by”
Man looking up at a construction site, voiceover says, “donating to CFC number 21166.”
Melwood logo is on the screen, with the words, Donate to Melwood CFC #21166