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National Mill Dog Rescue

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National Mill Dog Rescue
60 Second CFC Video Transcript

Thank you for visiting National Mill Dog Rescue. I’d love to show you around. We rescue 80-100 dogs from commercial breeding facilities every month. Our main kennel has fifty indoor/outdoor runs. 54 lucky dogs can call our beautiful new facility their temporary home. Missy’s Place is our rehabilitation facility where we keep our most troubled dogs. Every dog gets a spa day when they arrive. The Timothy Center is a state of the art hospital where we are able to take care of all the medical issues. Our dog care team takes immaculate care of our building. Our Rehab Team are our specially trained volunteers who work with our most troubled dogs who have mental damage from years of confinement. We have between 45 and 50 adoptions every month. Thank you for considering National Mill Dog Rescue for your charitable donation. The doggies, and the staff, will be forever grateful.