The Nature of Character

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Boy Scouts of America

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0:00 [Music playing - image of children in a three-legged race]
What issues do youth care about? We surveyed Gen Z to find out.

0:08 [Image of Scouts hiking]
Bullying is the #1 problem they want to solve,

0:14 [Video clips of Cub Scout distributing meals at a food pantry, Scouts saluting and reciting Scout Law]
hunger and care for the elderly also top their list.

0:20 [Image of Scouts fishing]
97% said being kind is important.

0:25 [Image of Scouts camping]
Studies show that Cub Scouts are more kind, helpful and trustworthy.

0:29 [Image of Scouts planting flowers]
And Gen Z is looking to make an impact.

0:33 [Image of uniformed Cub Scouts holding den flag]
76% said they can make a difference in the world

0:38 [Image of Scouts exploring in the woods]
– and 84% want to solve community issues.

0:41 [Image of smiling Cub Scouts]
Boy Scouts of America equips youth to stop bullying… and improve their communities, the nation and the world.

0:41 [Image of Scouts canoeing at sunset]
Boy Scouts of America Tidewater Council – Combined Federal Campaign #94511