The Necessity of Legal Aid Across Alabama

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Legal Services Alabama

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(Tommy Wells speaks into camera) Legal Services Alabama is the primary provider of civil, legal aid to people of limited means. They’re willing to handle, and have the capability of handling, the complicated cases – the ones that may go on for years. (A slide reads: LSA closed over 12,000 cases in 2020)
(A couple is fighting in the background, with divorce paperwork visible in the foreground. Voiceover is a white woman who is a former LSA client helped by our services) <<I found myself facing a pretty bad divorce, and I knew that it was going to be ugly. Then I came across Legal Services Alabama website. Having this service for people like me and other people in similar situations is dire…it really is. (A slide shows the LSA core service areas: Housing Issues, Domestic Violence, Consumer Protection, Public Benefits, Employment, Health)
(An African American woman who is a former LSA client sits on an outdoor bench speaking into the camera) <<Legal Services has been a truly, big blessing to me. Because, I really didn’t know where I would be today without them.
(Tommy Wells voiceover over video clips of an older man stressed about his bills, a man sleeping outside, and a statue of the justice scales in a law office) << A person without a lawyer stands about a 90 percent chance of losing their house and possibly becoming homeless. If they have a lawyer that drops to about 4 percent. With that kind of return on investment, why wouldn’t you provide adequate funding for Legal Services Alabama? (Closing card appears that reads: Justice, Fairness, Hope - Legal Services Alabama - Charity #69651)