Neighbor Ride - Connecting Our Community

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Neighbor Ride, Inc.

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What Neighbor Ride has really done is tapped into a volunteer pool who's finding new ways to connect with the community. Neighbor Ride is so much more than about a ride from just point A to point B. It's about connecting with another individual. So what makes Neighbor Ride unique and valuable to the community is the scale of our volunteer network. We have over 350 volunteers providing rides to our clients. So because we have that many volunteers clients, or the older adult population, has come to depend on Neighbor Ride. We are able to fill 96 to 97 percent of our ride requests. Neighbor Ride fills a huge role in the community. Having worked at the local hospital for some almost 20 years, I saw many patients come in bus or by cab and more recently by Neighbor Ride. It just is a tremendous service for connecting people to health care services in the community as well as many other things. I think that volunteering for Neighbor Ride allows the seniors that we drive to continue to be a part of the community - to be connected - to engage. They are volunteering their own time and/or taking care of themselves, and we're helping them make that happen.