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#LoveWorks Video for NYF - Descriptive transcript

(00:00) Upbeat strings music begins playing
(00:02) Large text “LOVE BUILDS” appears and then vanishes
Quick montage moves along with the music – a close-up on hands measuring a length of wood, then two pairs of hands mixing cement in a trough in the sunshine. The camera pans over Olgapuri Children’s Village – neat red brick buildings surrounded by grass and sidewalks – as the sounds of children playing joins the strings music. Close-up on a grandmotherly figure, NYF founder Olga Murray, playing a clapping hands game with a child at Olgapuri. The clapping is audible. The child grins and laughs.
(00:07) Large text “LOVE EDUCATES” appears and then vanishes.
Quick montage moves along with the music. Two teenage girls in matching blue school uniforms smile at the camera, holding stacks of school papers. The camera pans over a small classroom of young girls in blue uniforms smiling as their instructor checks their work. Two small girls sit side-by-side grinning and laughing towards the camera. An elementary school teacher leads a ring of small children in an excited dance. Two preteen boys work together in a science lab, pouring liquid into a beaker. Extreme close-up on an elementary school boy watching liquid drip during a science experiment.
(00:15) Large text “LOVE HEALS” appears and then vanishes.
Music shifts, remains upbeat but becomes slightly calmer. Quick montage moves along with the music. Close-up on hands pouring pink liquid medicine into a medicine cup. A nurse lifts the cup and turns to a mother seated on a small bed cradling a small, sick child in her lap. A toddler crouches near a water faucet, laughing as she puts her hands into the water to wash them. Three women work together to bathe a wiggly baby in a sunny outdoor bathtub. A woman spoon-feeds a small girl with a grain mixture.
(00:22) Large text “LOVE FREES” appears and then vanishes.
Quick montage moves along with the music. Close-up on a young Tharu woman in a beautiful traditional dress and jewelry dancing beside a young man. Camera pans outward so her entire colorful dress is visible, fanning out as she twirls. Many young women carrying a large protest banner in Nepalese script walk along a sunny street, shouting slogans in Nepalese. Their voices mix with the strings music. With them, holding their hands, is Olga Murray, the grandmotherly figure from before, smiling with pride. A young man and woman stand together in a small open shop they own, smiling proudly at the camera. A young woman holding a large basket of leaves smiles joyfully at the camera. A close-up on another young women in traditional Tharu dress laughs towards the camera.
Music rises into a cheerful crescendo.
(00:31) Largest text of all “#LOVEWORKS” appears against a background of prayer flags at sunset. Bells ring cheerfully as the music fades.
NYF logo appears above text “”. A bird flies across the prayer flags and its wings are audible. Text appears: copyright 2020 Nepal Youth Foundation
(00:35) Fade to black.