No One Thought We Would Win

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Military-Veterans Advocacy

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*Opening with a visual of our court case from January 2019*
"Nobody thought we would win a battle against the VA, but we did it."

*Cut to news coverage of the MVA then transition to war footage*
" In 2019, we won a landmark case that expanded Agent Orange benefits to Navy veterans who served in the harbors and seas of Vietnam."

*Transition to a visual of the MVA logo, our CFC number, and our website URL with text saying 'We aren't finished.' before swapping our logo for different video visuals*
"But we aren't finished. Now Military-Veterans Advocacy has taken our fight to another front: toxic exposure benefits for military personnel everywhere."

*The video visuals expand*
"From chemical exposure in Guam to the fire pits of Iraq and Afghanistan and all points in between, we won't stop until every veteran gets the compensation and health care they deserve."

*Video visuals shrink and the text 'We didn't do this alone.' appears at the bottom of the screen*
"We didn't do this alone. We did it with your help and support."

*Cut to video of our website*
"Please join Military-Veterans Advocacy today or give generously so that we can continue our fight."

*cut back to war footage then our CFC number and website URL appear on the bottom*
"We won the first battle when no one said we could, the war is ongoing."

*cut the war footage back to our logo then the words 'education', 'litigation', and 'legislation' appear below our logo before cutting back to 2/3 screen war footage*
"Through education, litigation, and legislation we work from the court rooms to the halls of Congress living our motto of protecting those who protect our nation."

*cut the war footage back to our logo with the words 'Paid for by generous donors like you.' under it*
"Please support Military-Veterans Advocacy today. We protect the veterans who protected all of us."