Our Mission - Save Senior and Special Needs Animals

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House with a Heart Pet Sanctuary

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Content: Sher Polvinale introduces the video and explains what House with a Heart is about, dogs are seen playing and running in grassy fields. Ends with Thank you to supporters.
"Hello everybody, I’m Sher Polvinale with House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. I started House with a Heart in 2006 because I’ve been doing rescue for years and years and years and I was finished with being worried about whether I had done the right placement. So I decided that we would be doing senior and special needs rescue and those dogs and cats would live with us here at House with a Heart until they passed away.
Right now, we’re at full capacity. We can’t take in anymore but what we do is we have a few places for foster dogs for other partner rescues where they come to stay here with us. We take care of them and the partner rescue works hard to get them adopted and into a very special home.
I want to thank everyone so much for your support, without you we couldn’t fulfill our mission. We couldn’t save as many senior and special-needs dogs and cats without your help."