Our response in Ukraine

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World Vision

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[background noises and people talking]
Clips: Signs at the Romania-Ukraine border, volunteers passing out food and supplies to arriving refugees, children eating
[music plays]
Clips: black screen
Text: The conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate and vulnerable women and children are bearing the brunt of it
Clips: families walking, a clip of a boy standing with his family
Text: 10-year-old Sacha is among the many Ukrainian children arriving confused and scared at the Romanian border
Clips: Woman speaking to the camera, wearing a pink coat
Text (captions of the woman speaking): My son was crying his eyes out, because we left [his] father [in Ukraine.]
Clips: families wearing coats and carrying suitcases walking
Text: Millions have already fled Ukraine in the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II
Clips: World Vision employees wearing orange vests that say World Vision Romania, greeting refugees
Text: World Vision is working to assist refugees with emergency aid and emotional support
Clips: A smiling family, children coloring,
Text: Your urgent help is needed to protect those made vulnerable by the crisis
Clips: Refugees hugging each other, receiving help at the border
Text: Pray for peace and safety for those in the midst of conflict
Clips: World Vision staff greeting an newly arrived family, a crowd of people waiting at a barrier, people walking while carrying their belongings, World Vision staff helping refugees
Text: And donate to help children and families who have left everything in search of safety
White screen appears with orange and black text: Give now at worldvision.org with the World Vision logo
[music fades]