PetConnect Rescue

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PetConnect Rescue, Inc.

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[PetConnect Logo displayed] PETCONNECT RESCUE
Person narrating:
[Picture of puppy with pink collar] “You can say it started with a storm, as [picture of cat sitting on
person’s leg] PetConnect founder, Lizette Chanock, sadly watched [dog looking up at camera] as
Hurricane Katrina slammed in Louisiana. [picture of cats sitting in sink basin] She saw many pictures of
dogs and cats [picture of dog with tongue out] in the water, desperate for help. [picture of cat laying on
carpet] And so, she did – by starting up a rescue organization [picture of dog laying on bench] for D.C.,
Maryland, and Virginia. [picture of two cats looking up at camera] PetConnect Rescue is an all-breed, all-
size, all-age, [picture of dog wearing neckerchief] dog and cat rescue group. [picture of two cats standing
on cat tower] We are proud to say we found forever homes [picture of 4 puppies in a basket] for almost
1500 animals last year. [picture of longhaired cat looking at camera] With your help, we can now fund
our medical needs, [picture of dog with neckerchief and tongue out] as we make sure all of our animals
are healthy [picture of cat sitting on mat] and microchipped before adoption. Our senior program,
[picture of dog with neckerchief that says “Ooh! Ooh! Pick Me! Pick Me!”] for all those older animals
[picture of kitten in cat tower] that need special care. And our spay and neuter program, [picture of dog
laying in bed next to fire] hoping to cutdown on animal overpopulation. [picture of bulldog with tongue
out laying on bed] [text on screen: Thank You!] All of us here at PetConnect Rescue thank you for your
[PetConnect Logo displayed] PETCONNECT RESCUE