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[Animation - Man packs canned goods into a box labeled Care, United States of America, 1945]
Narrator: It started with the original care package and millions more like it.
[Animation - People passing boxes in a line. Arrows moving across a map from North America to Europe with smoke rising from strategic locations.]
Narrator: Passed from hand to hand, across land and sea, to help survivors in the
aftermath of war.
[Animation - A man unpacks a CARE box while a woman and two children watch. A young child is handed a steaming loaf of bread.]
[Animation - Globe slowly turning while countries are shaded in various tins of orange and yellow. The CARE logo appears on a white box. The box opens and transforms into a water pump, spilling water into an irrigation ditch.]
Narrator: As we grew, we found better ways to help those in need. Ways to make a
real difference, not just today but tomorrow as well.
[Animation - Zooming out, plants and a house spring up around the water pump. Fences and other houses appear.]
[Animation - View from above as women in dresses dance in a circle and other watch. Zooms out and picture becomes a page in a book. The book closes and a young person picks up the book, clasping it to their chest.]
Narrator: Be the difference in people's lives. Help deliver lasting change
at Care.org.