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Compassion International

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(music plays)
[video moving over open water] [on screen text: A light shines in the darkness]
[child sitting in their home] Narrator: Children around the world face the darkness of extreme poverty.
[young girl sitting in destroyed home] Malnutrition, [child standing] sickness, [crowd of children standing in a line] lack of education, [shots of different children sitting and standing] even neglect, danger, and violence. [group of children standing] These forces threaten to overcome, [child walking] whispering that you are worthless, [shots of different children’s faces] that no one sees your suffering. But that is a lie.
[video pans over water towards a sunrise] God calls us [children laughing] The Body of Christ, [man high-fiving a child] to shine a light [woman hugging child] of hope for them.
[large group of children being fed] Providing nourishing food, [child washing their hands] supplying clean water, [baby being examined] offering medical care, [children playing soccer] creating a safe place to play and learn. [Children in school and praying] And teaching them about the incredible love of Jesus Christ. [truck full of resources] These resources overcome the [children in school] darkness of poverty. [people walking with buckets of water on their heads] These tools kindle the light. [children walking] We have an opportunity [people standing in front of their homes] to spark a brighter future [child smiling] for a child in need. [Two school children dancing] When you rise up [child peering over a shoulder] when you stand boldly [small children looking up] with them, [group of children standing] they will flourish [children running through a narrow path] they will grow, their light will shine, [child smiling] and the darkness will not overcome it.
[Compassion International logo appears in multiple different languages, ending with English: Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name]