Preserve the Natural Character of our Community

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Land Trust of North Alabama

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[View of a tree covered mountainside, waterfall, and creek] Land Trust of North Alabama cultivates a culture of environmental preservation and discovery. [Sunlight shines through fall trees] Thousands of acres [view of tree tops with fall foliage] and miles of trails [scans across a leave covered hiking trail] provide places where wildlife, plants, and people can thrive. [a bird flies over a pond, water drips from a leaf, hikers walk down a trail] Each unique landscape is home to a countless variety of species, [a group of kids observe crayfish in a creek] some not found anywhere else in the world. [A little boy walks through the forest laughing, kids and adults observe and learn in nature together] Here children and adults can discover the joy of nature and learn to appreciate their role in the stewardship of these vulnerable spaces. [A view of mountains and trees, a group of volunteers get ready for a work day, a family hiking] But as the pressures of development reach new areas, your partnership in this conservation effort is more critical than ever. [A birds eye view of a dray, rocky creek bed and a forest in the fall with orange sunlight shining between the leaves] You can preserve the natural character of our community, maintain its essential spirit, and permanently enhance quality of life for all residents. [A woman and little boy stand atop a rocky outcrop and look at the forest around them]