Providing Health and Hope in a Hurting World

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MAP International

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(music plays)
[video of pregnant mother and her daughter] [on screen text: MAP International]
[video of girl looking up] [on screen text: We are HEALTH]
[video of women dancing] [on screen text: We are HOPE]
[video of children eating] [on screen text: we bring joy]
[video of children smiling] [on screen text: to over 10 million people]
[video of child walking] [on screen text: in over 100 countries]
[video of children dancing] [on screen text: through medical aid]
[video of child being immunized] [on screen text: community health development]
[video of child in a healthcare facility] [on screen text: and neglected tropical disease treatment]
[video of woman speaking] [on screen text: impacting millions]
[video of child being examined] [on screen text: and saving lives]
[video of man speaking] [on screen text: by providing medicine]
[video of doctor speaking] [on screen text: in remote areas]
[video of children clapping] [on screen text: Giving hope]
[video of a baby] [on screen text: restoring health]
[video of a doctor speaking] [on screen text: and restoring hope]
[video of MAP doctors sitting] [on screen text: one box at a time]
[video of a mother and her children sitting] [on screen text: you’re part of every life we save]
[video of children looking up] [on screen text: we are health and hope]
[image of children smiling] [on screen text:]
[image of doctor examining a child’s mouth] [on screen text: we are health and hope]