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Rainforest Trust Conservation Heroes Video Transcript - CFC 2020

Narrator: You know the rainforest is in trouble.

An animated woman pops up over a plain background and thinks about deforestation in a thought bubble, sighing.

Narrator: You’ve seen the headlines on climate change,

The video fades to footage of a large logging ship hauling timber from a tropical area.

Narrator: you hear about all those species going extinct

The video fades to footage of a chimpanzee looking at the camera.

Narrator: and you’ve seen all those photographs of burning trees.

The video fades to a photograph of a burning tropical rainforest.

Narrator: And every time you see this stuff, you think to yourself:

The photo fades to an animation of the same woman walking into a space where she is surrounded by computers, a newspaper, a tablet and a phone.

Narrator: I should probably donate something, somewhere, to help stop this.

On each item in the space, a message by Rainforest Trust appears that says “Save Acres,” “How to Stop Deforestation,” “Help Now,” “Donate Today,” and “Learn How You Can Help.”

Narrator: But remembering to donate is hard

The animation zooms into a new scene where the woman pulls up a paper check that is blank.

Narrator: and knowing where to donate is even harder. Believe me, we get it.

The woman brings a pen out and hovers over it, struggling to fill it out, before pulling the pen away and expressing an unsure “hmm” sound.

Narrator: That’s why Rainforest Trust is taking the guesswork out of protecting our planet.

The animation slides away revealing footage of three indigenous girls from a community in the rainforest giggling as they race towards the camera.
Narrator: By signing up to be a Conservation Hero, you’ll donate any amount you want monthly - automatically.

The video fades to an animation of dollars increasing from five to fifteen before zooming out to reveal the fifteen dollar number is on a calendar page. The calendar pages start falling month by month to show the donation still happening on the same day every month.

Narrator: This donation supports Rainforest Trust’s proven and direct conservation approach,

The animation flips over to transition to rising drone footage of tropical rainforest.

Narrator: saving some of the world’s most biodiverse

The video cuts to footage of three blue and yellow macaws flying through a cloudy sky.

Narrator: and endangered landscapes from deforestation.

The video fades to drone footage of a muddy river winding its way through tropical rainforest.

Narrator: Saving the planet is difficult

The video cuts to footage of a lemur being held up by a field scientist wearing gloves. The lemur is looking at the camera and winks as a green background wipes from the corners inward in a circular pattern. Tree stumps appear over the green background.

Narrator: but remembering to do it doesn’t have to be.

The animated woman pops up, giving a thumbs up as the tree stumps are replaced with animated tropical rainforest.

Narrator: Become a Conservation Hero today.

An animated sloth and bird appear in the forest.

Narrator: Your $15 monthly donation saves 90 acres of habitat every year.

The camera pans to the right of the animated scene and “$15” in large white letters appears before flipping over to reveal “90 acres” in large white letters.

Narrator: Visit RainforestTrust.org to find out more.

A plain orange background slides over the scene with text that reads “Join Conservation Heroes Today.” Below that is written “www.RainforestTrust.org.” Below that is written “CFC #11257.”

The video fades to black and there is a music credit at the bottom “Music: Bensound.com”

The video fades to black.

End of video.