Refugees are essential

Charity Name
International Rescue Committee

CFC Zone

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[ambient sounds like water and talking are playing then music fades in]
A narrator reads the following on screen text while video clips play in the background]
When your world is turned upside down,
Videos of people on a train, on a boat, a man sitting in a car, people seeking medical assistance, collecting water
One person can change everything.
Video of a health care worker smiling into the camera
That’s why refugees are on the front lines,
Video of a woman in a mask passing out food, and a man in a mask, another man in a mask
Providing hope,
Video of a man sewing masks,
Video a volunteer providing food
Video of a healthcare worker helping a patient
And support
Video of a masked woman passing out food
To those who need it most.
Video of a child in a mask, a father with his son,
Because our world isn’t safe
Videos of women and children smiling
Until every one of us is safe.
Many videos of people smiling, stitched together
On screen text reads: Please donate at alongside the IRC logo, with a backdrop of roofs.
[music fades]